About coaching.

Coaching is a co-active, mutually responsible relationship between coach and client to help you determine your own destiny. The coaching process allows you to express yourself by sharing and talking about your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and worries without judgement or criticism. You are no longer alone in the centre, but rather invited to observe and analyze. However, the coach does not give answers or tell you what you must do in order to create a purposeful life. Instead, the coach helps you to learn who you truly are, challenges limiting beliefs, supports shift in perspective and aids recov- ering your personal power. Final empowerment comes from within you Life-changing coaching is holistic and therefore may look at the issues and areas that seem beyond the original reason for seeking support. The coach views your challenges as an instantaneous opportunity for expansion and transformation.

About Margaret Gorski Life Coach.

From an early age I have always been fascinated by people - how they live, feel and interact. What experiences shape who they are today? What makes them different? What motivates them? What makes them change? This passion comes from my own life experiences which have caused me to do very deep soul-searching so that I could heal myself. What I have realised is that there is meaning to every experience beyond what can be seen. As a child, growing up in a large family I learnt to observe and understand the dynamics of relationships. It was not always easy and many times I felt unsupported, misunder- stood or lonely. Looking back, I cannot help but be grateful for every life experience and trauma I have encountered. Every challenge and situation has helped me to grow and develop to a level I would never have anticipated or imag- ined. I have built personal strength, integrity and intuitive abilities which guide me through my busy existence. Every one of us is a unique individual with natural gifts, talents and qualities. As the coach I see each individual in the light of their original authentic design. I am committed to helping you find out who you are so you may rise above any limitations you unknowingly place on your existence. I am willing to assist you in shifting your mindset to embrace your life to its fullest potential and your ultimate best.

My Background.

I feel extremely lucky to have had a diverse and unconventional life. I was born in Poland in a big, enthusiastic family. After graduating from University, I got married. Life seemed to be okay with its ups and downs until the tragic loss of my first-born son. It was a heart-breaking experience and something deep within me changed forever. This experience triggered my search for the meaning and purpose of life. Soon after his death I left Poland and then consequently lived in Italy, South Africa and currently New Zealand. I have worked with people from several different racial, ethnic and economic groups that has truly widened my understanding of people and their cultures. I have become the proud mother of two children who are young adults now. A few years ago I decided to study Holistic Life Coaching and even before graduation I became fascinated with it. Obviously change and the concept of "reinventing oneself" is something I understand really well. I have learned a lot about life, myself and people on my journey and I bring this knowledge and wisdom to my work.

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