There are a few life-changing moments that remain so vivid and clear, even as time passes.  Meeting Margaret was one of those.

 I started coaching sessions with her in Dec 2010.  

I was going through a challenging time in my life, having been a victim of the financial crisis and then followed by mental health issues which I was battling with when I met Margaret.  I was very disappointed with how conventional treatment had gone for me at this stage, and quite resistant to taking medications which had nasty side effects and created a zombie in me.  Every cell in my body refused to accept that this was the way for me to heal although family, friends and medical experts were convinced that it was.  

Being a natural sceptic, there was a lot of doubt within me that having life coaching sessions was going to make any difference.  In one of our first few sessions, after relating my current situation that I was very despondent about, Margaret explained that ‘Ego wants to assert itself by creating dramas’.    Suddenly the cogs within clicked into place.  I was allowing Ego to control me.  I knew there was no going back now.  Every session brought new light on issues I was facing, and though there were some difficult sessions where I had to confront the reptiles within, it was a necessary process to restore the spirit.   

I never once felt judged with Margaret, and therefore was able to open up to her.  She has helped me immensely to awaken my soul.  For this I am truly grateful, as I could not have done this on my own.  I wholeheartedly recommend life coaching with Margaret.   


Coaching with Margaret was a fantastic experience.

I must admit that initially I was quite sceptical to “life coaching” as I’ve been trying formal counselling before and after six meetings and a lot of money spent I realised I didn’t make much progress. However, byhaving Margaret as a “life coach”, the results have exceeded my expectations and I'm very glad that I gave it a go. Margaret is a very knowledgeable and a genuinely caring person. She carefully listened and made every effort to understand what I wanted to achieve. From feeling quite stuck in my life (no peace, no direction) Margaret helped me have a better insight into the challenges in life, make peace with the past and live peacefully in the present. She helped me bring the best out of me, by guiding me to regain my self-confidence, my peace and love for myself and others. I have highly benefited from her effective techniques but also her openness, kindness and her friendly personality - which made my approach easier and the whole process smoother.

I highly recommend Margaret to anyone who wants better results in life!

Maria M.

I will be forever grateful, thank you Margaret xox.

Believing that the problems I was facing in life were brought about through my own 'faults', I was hesitant to meet with Margaret to discuss the difficulties I was experiencing. 

But through Margaret's gentle guidance I was able to open up and show someone that although I pretended to be outgoing and confident, I actually doubted who I REALLY was.

Margaret is passionate about helping others, and with her encouragement I started the path of accepting myself, believing in myself and most importantly loving who I am.  Each session had me on a small high as I realised how complicated I made life seem when I continuously questioned and judged myself (sometimes others too!).

Skills I learnt from Margaret were tested, when a few months after I decided to end sessions (and 'go it alone') I suffered a short bout of depression. In that dark place, I realised it only negative damaging thoughts making me feel bad, I'd slipped into my old ways without realising.  Remembering what I'd learnt through the sessions with Margaret, I was able to talk myself back up!

My sessions with Margaret has shown me how to accept myself, especially when I am not feeling in control of my life, and working with her has increased my self confidence and this makes me feel powerful. Most importantly, I love myself.  



Dear Margaret, thank you for everything.

I would like to thoroughly thank you for your life coaching, guidance and advice over the last few years.

You have helped me through some very dark times and personal troubles, which thanks to your help I believe has made me a better person. I am therefore more than happy to write a recommendation for you regarding your empathetic personality and wisdom which will prove invaluable to all those you help in the future.


I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to know Margaret.

It's been a great pleasure to see and know someone who really cares enough about people and also reaches out with lots of compassion. She seems to have the power to tap into the positives in you. I went through a real rough time and Margaret was there to pick up the pieces and help me to rebuild them. Also she finds ways of asking the right questions at just the right time so that you can find answers for you to move toward the direction of reaching your goals.


I was hesitant to see a life coach as my life seemed so terribly complicated.

I had a long history of seeing counsellors and psychologists. I'd done psychoanalysis, psycho-drama, psycho-synthesis ... you name it, I had tried it. Margaret's approach was entirely different. Life coaching is not about rehashing and dramatising the past. Instead, Margaret holds a space for you in the present moment, inviting you to meet her there. In that space, Margaret allows you to find your own inner wisdom and peace. She lovingly supports and guides you, but not in a way that makes you dependant on her. Her ultimate gift is to show you how to find your own inner support and guidance. She is not feeding you, she is teaching you to fish! I found Margaret's life coaching life changing and I cannot recommend her more highly.


I can only highly recommend Margaret for life-coaching.

She is a great professional and a great listener. She can open your eyes, your heart and your soul, as she did for me, to a new awareness of life. A new way to build happiness in a better love and social environment. If you want to learn about yourself and work in the right direction to become wiser and feel in harmony with life in general, go to Margaret.


I first meet with Margaret when I was in a new job and needing some confidence in 'finding my feet'.

Margaret was very easy to work with, always friendly and supportive; I found our sessions to be very useful. Margaret gave me simple, effective, tools that I was able to use to make positive changes. Since then I have worked with Margaret again, to check in and assess 'where to next'. It was great already knowing Margaret and now I consider 'Life-Coaching' to be a useful strategy to use again in the future if needed. It's important to allow yourself support in your life when you need it.


I was feeling stuck in life and wandering why I couldn't move forward with my plans.

Margaret helped me to discover within myself what was holding me back. Once discovering, understanding and releasing these blocks, positive changes have happened. Margaret has a passion for helping people, a good listener, non-judgemental and works with her natural instincts.